How Will the McKinney 380 Bypass Affect Homes for Sale in McKinney, Texas?



Property owners in and around McKinney, Texas are not shy about expressing their opinions about the proposed highway construction.  

There’s no doubt that the economic expansion and population growth in McKinney has led to traffic problems. While surface streets offer a number of alternatives for getting from East to West, many prefer Highway 380, which promises to be faster, but due to traffic congestion rarely is. 

Should the Texas Department of Transportation create a bypass going through the City of Prosper? Should they create a bypass that eliminates Prosper? Or should they improve the existing Highway 380? 

The Prosper Town Council continues to oppose a bypass through any part of the Town of Prosper, and many non-residents stand with them. This option might spell the end of “ManeGait.” This non-profit helps hundreds of children and adults with disabilities, and is important to many citizens throughout Collin County. 

Others in Collin County fear the loss of their rural homes and ranches. Many of these residents are second and third generation farmers and ranchers whose large acreages would be broken up. McKinney REALTOR® Pam Gossick predicts that the remnants would eventually sold for rural homes on small acreages, mini-farms, or new subdivisions. Others, who moved into the county for the privilege of living in privacy on their acreage, are equally upset by the idea of a bypass. 

Residents with homes for sale in McKinney, Texas are also apprehensive. How will they be affected if Texas DOT chooses simply to improve Highway 380? Should this be the final decision, Mrs. Gossick anticipates that more residents with homes adjoining the highway will opt to move, and that could lead to a softening of prices in these McKinney, Texas homes for sale, at least in the short term. 

 In the long run, McKinney, Texas has so much to offer that we will continue to see an increase in population, and as Pam Gossick points out, we all have different preferences. At least some of those new residents will view living by the highway as a plus. 

Those with strong preferences are encouraged to write McKinney’s Mayor and members of the City Council, and to copy TxDOT, Burns & McDonald (B&M) and the County Commissioners.


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